30A Pop Stop


Is your mouth watering yet? A few of us 360 Blue employees stopped by Pop Stop after lunch after hearing rave reviews from locals and we were NOT disappointed!

A bio on how Pop Stop was born:


“Our business grew out of our love for people and food, as well as our readiness to get out from behind the corporate desk! Studying in college, no one ever told us we could make what we love our job. After a few years behind our laptops, we decided we were going to do something we love; something that would be a positive impact on our community. This is where our slogan, Live. Your. Flavor. was born. We decided to create happiness through our business, expressing our love and our uniqueness, the “flavor” within each of us.

With the support of our families and friends, we began experimenting with local produce in the comfort of our home. At the same time, we were learning all we could about the food business. Luckily, we had some close family members and friends that were farmers, restaurateurs and businessmen. After months of trial and error, sweat and tears, Pop Stop was born. With a focus on health, quality, passion and love, we began selling our unique popsicles in the town we now call home, Seagrove, Florida.

Today, we sell our pops at our Pop Stop 30A Seagrove shop.. You will also find us at a number of stores in the area as well as local farmers markets and special events. We are growing in the flavors we offer and where you can find our pops. We hope next time you are in our neighborbood, you will “pop” by and enjoy a tasty treat with us. “

We tried 3 different flavors:

Raspberry Cheesecake: super creamy and sweet; not watered down at all! Strong flavor. It was literally like taking a bite out of a fruity, cold piece of cheesecake. 

Tiramisu: creamy with textured pieces throughout. A perfect treat right after lunch!

Mango: The first taste is a light hint of mango and then the orange flavor comes out. It wasn’t over powering at all. Bianca calls it, “a ray of sunshine!”

GET TO POP STOP. You will leave with a smile on your face!!

4042 East County Highway 30A Unit D

Seagrove, Florida 32459

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