360 Blue + The Sonder Project

The Sonder Project was founded in 2014 by the owners of 360 Blue: Jeremy Sprenkle, Jason Sprenkle, and Ashley Horsley – who joined in partnership with YOLO Board and The 30A Company. Since the destruction of Hurricane Michael, 360 Blue has joined forces with The Sonder Project to help our friends to the east of us piece back the fragments of their former lives left in the wake of Hurricane Michael, a catastrophic hurricane that lashed the Florida panhandle in October 2018. Our efforts have not only involved physical labor of tarping roofs, clearing falling trees, and delivering supplies… but also lending an ear (and a hug) to those fallen victim.

With daily trips into Millville and surrounding areas delivering food and fuel, our team of 360 Blue volunteers trekked into what felt like a war zone. Fallen debris, tree limbs, and capsized boats that once graced the water all served as a sobering reminder of what used to be.

In the destructive aftermath of Hurricane Michael, it was the simple gestures of neighbors helping neighbors that gave the community hope. All our efforts were made possible with your donations.

It is said that when tragedy strikes, people come together. And we’ve seen that happen here. We’re grateful for the people who raised their hands to volunteer. It has been three long weeks of exhausting, sweaty, humbling, yet joyful hard work, and we’re grateful for every single donation that made it possible.

With a donation goal of $500,000 kick-started by Brian Kelley of Florida Georgia Line, the determination, fervor, and generosity by all who have donated and volunteered was humbling. 100% of donations went to Hurricane Michael relief. 

To learn more, visit The Sonder Project website.