If Mugs Could Talk


This post is written by our Brand Manager, Kaylyn Weir.

You’ve heard the famous quote before: “Life begins after coffee.” From what I’ve learned after only 2 months of working at 360 Blue, it couldn’t be more true.

My first day here was a combination of introductions, getting a feel of the place and settling in. While most of the day was a blur, I walked away learning one important thing: our office runs on coffee.

It’s not a simple thing, you see: K-cup negotiations are made and sacrificed; IOU’s are issued; lines are formed just to use the Keurig.  One would be surprised to know that we have more coffee cups than we do drink glasses! And if that wasn’t enough, the coffee cup game is fierce!  A simple, white coffee mug won’t do here. The more text, the brighter the colors, the funnier the mug – the better!

I asked each employee to bring their own coffee mugs to work this morning. I was interested in doing a little bit of analyzing to see what kind of insight I could gain about my friends by checking out the coffee mugs they chose to bring. If coffee mugs could talk, what would yours say? 


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