Introducing Kickbike: A Scooter Custom Made for 30A

Kickbike 3

Every now and then, a product comes along that fits the beach life so perfectly that a certain lifestyle magazine feels obligated to write about it. So, it is with Kickbike—an adult kick scooter designed with dog lovers in mind. With the Timpoochee Trail that runs along Scenic Highway 30A and the extensive state park off-road trail system running throughout Santa Rosa Beach, the scooter has been warmly received. Of course, the Emerald Coast is also home to a multitude of dog lovers.

“Kickbike offers an Iditarod experience right here on 30A,” says Jordan Crowder, Kickbike America’s representative and distributor. “It’s a great way to exercise high-energy dogs.”

Originally from Dallas, Crowder first came to the 30A area on vacation with his family. What caught his attention were the various forms of alternative transportation adopted by the locals. The Kickbike, he understood, would be a natural fit. He decided to go all-in with a project he loved, moving his family to the area and introducing the Kickbike product line as part of a larger “experience,” calling it Kickbike 30A. The new venture offered sales, guided tours, and activities for Kickbike enthusiasts.

“Ultimately, we plan on making the Emerald Coast the epicenter of Kickbike,” Crowder says.

Kickbike’s origins stem back from Finland where it was developed to train sled dogs in the summer months. The scooter’s low center-of-gravity makes it considerably safer than the bicycle for running your dog, as there is far less the risk of being dragged in a direction you don’t want to go by a distracted canine. Dryland mushing, as it’s called, is a sport unto itself and massively popular throughout Scandinavia and northern Europe. But in the U.S., not so much. At least not yet.

Over the years, Kickbike’s product line has diversified into a spectrum of scooter and scooter-related products. The most prominent are scooters designed for paved surfaces. The tires are narrower, and the frames rigged with engineered running lines and a harness for dogs. A fat tire version features dual hydraulic brakes, a carbon-fiber fork, and an aircraft aluminum-grade frame, making it perfect for heavy-duty off-road use on Santa Rosa Beach’s Longleaf Pine trail, as well as the firm, wetted sand portion of the beach. Kickbike has recently added to its repertoire with a scooter featuring a battery pack for propulsion.

“In the U.S., Kickbike is mainly thought of as a dog walking accessory,” Crowder says. “But it’s also used by athletes as a cross-training tool, and as an alternative to running and cycling for people with injuries.”

Locally, the scooter is often compared to the YOLO board, as it’s a unique product seemingly tailormade for the communities along the 30A corridor. “I like to think of the Kickbike as the land-based version of the YOLO board,” Crowder says. “YOLO took off on the Emerald Coast because it’s perfect for the protected waters of the coastal dune lakes. Both are unique products—both simple, both perfect for Santa Rosa Beach.”

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