When it comes to 360 Blue’s ever expanding maintenance team, Alec’s our 5 star general. Alec starts his work day at 5:00 am, something he obviously picked up during his NAVY service. Never at a loss for words, he’s the bright-eyed, bushy tailed, team member that gets things going early. With an ever growing maintenance team, Alec is still the guy whose phone buzzes when the maintenance problem is complex or just tricky. Just like the rest of our maintenance team, we hope you don’t see too much of him, but if you do, you will know why he’s part of the family. Prior to joining 360 Blue, Alec was a maintenance supervisor with Emerald Shores and he operated his own landscaping company. He enjoys long walks on the beach, fine bottles of wine, and romance novels … no wait … anyway, he is super sharp, keen on the details, pretty darn funny, and in charge of keeping the rest of us on our toes.