Having deep Canadian roots, Nisha was born in Tallahassee only a few months after her family decided to move to the United States. From the ages of 10-18, Nisha lived in the DC area, moved back to Tallahassee and got her bachelor’s and master’s degrees in Accounting at FSU.  She is a CPA and Realtor. As one of five girls and having 3 boys and four grandchildren, family is the most important thing in Nisha’s life. She’s always wanted to live at the beach, and in the Fall of 2014 concluded that it was now or never. Deep sea fishing and scalloping are some of her favorite activities!  She loves a good college football game, listening to music, playing at the beach, reading and watching movies. She feels extremely blessed to be a part of the 360 Blue Family and we feel blessed to have her!