Other than being born in Fort Hood, Texas to an army brat, Shawn has lived in Florida his entire life. Upon graduating high school, he started as a road patrol officer for Crystal River Police Dept., and was even shot on duty by a 16 year old! After working his way up as Special Investigator in narcotics, and back into the police force, he retired from law and moved back to the panhandle to raise his 5 children. As if his resume wasn’t impressive enough, he’s opened and managed 3 restaurants and created everything from menu’s to recipes! He’s been a contractor with 360 Blue since the beginning of his company and thoroughly enjoys his friends and co-workers believing 360 Blue is family, not just in words but also in actions. Most importantly, his kids are the reason he gets up in the mornings and lives by his motto, “family first and everything else falls into place.”