WaterColor Amenity Wristbands Policy


Effective January 1, 2021

The WaterColor HOA currently requires all guests 5 YEARS OF AGE AND OLDER to wear their provided amenity wristbands to access WaterColor amenities such as the community pools and the WaterColor beach area.


What do the wristbands give guests access to?

Watercolor amenity bands grant access to  6 swimming pools, including the Beach club pools, Dragon Fly Pool, Frog Pool and Camp Pool.   


Additional community amenities include: 

  • Pickle ball courts
  • Award-winning tennis facilities
  • World Famous Beach Club
  • Acres of parks, gardens, and footpaths


Who provides the wristbands?

The wristbands are supplied through the yearly registration process, with the WaterColor HOA and your rental's homeowner issuing amenity wristbands. These bands are coded upon rental guests finishing the SimLiv process and are activated upon arrival by the WaterColor HOA.


Can I change the number of wristbands I need before my arrival?

Yes, please use the SymLiv link you received via email/text to edit your band count a minimum of 1 week before arrival to be sure the HOA is able to fill the request in a timely manner.  Please note that the HOA nor 360 Blue are capable of supplying more bands then the home allows.  The band allotment counts vary per home.  Please refer to your home’s  property page for amenity allotment.


Is there a limit to the number of wristbands you can get?

Certainly, you can adjust your wristband quantity before your arrival by using the SymLiv link sent to you via email or text. Ensure changes are made at least 1 week before arrival to allow the HOA sufficient time for processing. It's important to note that the HOA and 360 Blue cannot provide more bands than the home permits. The allotted band counts differ for each home, so refer to your property page for specific amenity allotment details.


How do you receive the correct number of wristbands for your vacation?

To ensure you receive the accurate number of wristbands for your vacation, include the total number of individuals in your travel group during the reservation, listing all guests aged 5 or older as adults. After confirmation, an email or text will be sent, guiding you to watch the community video and submit names for amenity bands. Once this is done, the HOA will proceed with processing the requested bands.


Do you need to pick up the wristbands when you arrive?

No need to pick up wristbands upon arrival! If you've submitted your details on the SymLiv platform promptly, your HOA-provided wristbands will be ready for you at your property. Our Quality Assurance team will place them during the final inspection after our housekeeping teams have finished. 


Can the HOA provide me with more wristbands?  

Regrettably, the HOA cannot provide additional wristbands. Requests for wristbands must be made through the Symliv app/portal at least 1 week before your arrival. 


Is there a cost if I lose the wristband?

Yes, there is a replacement cost of $50 per wristband if it is lost. Please be aware that the WaterColor HOA offices are closed on weekends and holidays, so requests for replacement bands will be processed on the next business day. We appreciate your patience as we assist in facilitating lost band requests..