Fish Like You’ve Never Fished Before


Have you always wanted to try surf fishing? Or catch a shark? What about a nighttime hunt for swordfish?

It’s easier than ever to cross-fishing off your beach to-do list—you can even book directly through our concierge.

family holding fish


Surf Fishing

Surf fishing is perfect for families with young kids or anyone who suffers from seasickness because no boats are involved. You cast a line into the surf, secure the rod into a holder, and build sandcastles until the fish bite! Easy-peasy.

Blake Hunter, owner of Reel30A, said surf fishing is terrific for families and small groups because of the freedom it gives.

“You’re not stuck on a boat for half the day. And younger kids can play on the beach or go swimming while mom or dad are fishing,” he said. “A lot of people don’t realize you can fish right off the beach and have a great experience.”

Reel30A offers both a surf charter and a surf rental package. If you’ve never fished before or are nervous about casting into the Gulf, the surfing charter package provides the gear and includes an experienced Reel30A angler to show you
how to do it.

If you feel comfortable fishing on your own, the surf rental package includes delivery and pick up of all the gear, plus help getting set up and brief instructions. Your group can fish at their own pace for up to three days!


Shark Fishing

The Stellaluna sport fishing boat offers shark fishing for those with a more adventurous appetite. Capt. Judah Barbee said this was a memorable experience for folks.

“We typically do half-day shark fishing and trolling trips of either four, five, or six hours,” he said.

Nurse, Bull, and Blacktip are among the types of sharks anglers are allowed to catch. No matter how old you are, pulling in a shark has got to be something you never forget.


Swordfish Charter

The Backlash charter boat offers day or nighttime swordfish fishing excursions where you can try to catch one of the fastest swimmers on earth. How fast can a swordfish swim? Scientists have recorded swordfish reaching 60 mph! That pointy sword slices through the water, and oil-producing glands reduce drag. These mighty fish can weigh up to 600 pounds too!

The Backlash offers 14, 16, or 24-hour swordfishing trips, so this is not an adventure for the light-hearted—it’s a commitment. It’s also hard work with anglers fighting for two hours or more to haul these beasts aboard.

No matter what the experience level, there are fishing options for everyone. On your next beach vacation, why not add something new and create memories you can share around the dinner table for years to come?