An effortless, breezy community nestled between Alys Beach and Camp Creek.

There’s a gorgeous sameness about the beaches of the Emerald Coast—just one mile after another of soft quartz sand running alongside an aquamarine shoreline that appears aglow, lit from within. The communities that populate this realm, however, are a different matter altogether. All they have in common is their distinctiveness from one another.

Seacrest Beach Palm Trees and homes

In 1996, on the east end of 30A, a colorful cluster of homes nestled between Alys Beach and Camp Creek Lake became formally known as Seacrest Beach.

This laidback, planned community is arguably one of the most kid-friendly destinations on 30A with its neighborhood pool, bike trails, and the shops at Peddlers Pavilion. Peddlers, also known as the Village of South Walton, has everything a young child could want—bike rentals, funky sandwich huts, picnic tables, live music, souvenir stores, and a popular ice cream shop! Peddlers Pavilion is located at the center of Seacrest, with neighboring houses and condos around it on all sides. A boardwalk also overlooks the Gulf and offers lunch baskets and a happy hour. The Seacrest Sundries shop is also a grab-and-go bodega that sells all the essentials you may have forgotten in your suitcase: from wine and cheese, to chicken salad sandwiches, and kitchen utensils. The area is extremely walk- and bike-friendly often you’ll see more people on the sidewalk than the road!

Seacrest is well known as an effortless, breezy community that is attractive to families with young children because of its kid-friendly amenities and proximity to neighborhood pools. All guests will have access to the complimentary beach shuttle that picks them up at their home and drops them off at the beach, so you never have to worry about lugging heavy gear to and from the beach! Restaurants such as Grits and Grind, Charlies Donut Hut, Lola Coastal Italian, and Crabby Steve’s provide an excellent variety of dinner options ranging from a beachside grab n’ go bar to fine dining. Enjoy a short, breezy walk to the Rosemary Farmer’s Market on Sundays, lasting until noon, for local fare and unique finds that adapt to any budget.

The 12,000 square foot community pool is a hot spot for groups staying in Seacrest, tucked away on the north side of the neighborhood. There’s truly something for every age to enjoy while visiting the area, which makes Seacrest unique and loved by many!