Cube McGee didn’t discover Seagrove. He is, however, responsible for developing a vision for what it would eventually become.

There’s a gorgeous sameness about the beaches of the Emerald Coast—just one mile after another of soft quartz sand running alongside an aquamarine shoreline that appears aglow, lit from within. The communities that populate this realm, however, are a different matter altogether. All they have in common is their distinctiveness from one another.

seagrove beach palm plant

McGee was one of the original landowners and prominent developers in Seagrove, with a visionthat has spanned decades (and many hurricanes.) With the area’s gorgeous beach and groves, he foresaw a dream destination for vacationers. As one of the oldest communities along 30A, Seagrove grant visitors access to long stretches of unaltered beaches and a quiet spot to unwind for nearly 80 years.

He opened The Seagrove Village Market in 1949 as a dime store for those passing by to use the payphone—a rarity in those days. It was so secluded, in fact, that there was even a rumored nude beach for sunbathers who couldn’t abide tan lines.

Today, Seagrove lures travelers from around the world. Sparkling emerald green waters, sugar-soft sand, and an alluring sense of seclusion were the community’s selling points. The area features a variety of award-winning restaurants—both casual and upscale—while The Seagrove Village Market remains the longest-running business on 30A and functions as a casual grab-and-go restaurant serving “deep-fried love.”

In addition to stunning beach rentals, Seagrove Beach focuses on catering to the outdoor life—and Eastern Lake contributes with fishing, paddle boarding, and kayaking. The Timpoochee Trail is a 19-mile bike path that runs parallel to highway 30A and provides a perfect opportunity to spend an afternoon cruising through the neighboring communities’ shops and restaurants. If you love being outside submerged in scenic sights, a stay in a Seagrove Beach vacation rental would be just the ticket!

From large multi-family homes that can sleep up to 24, to fun and colorful beach bungalows, there is certainly a property fit for every type of vacationer here. With plenty of places to eat and many fun family activities available, a stay in one of our Seagrove Beach rentals is sure to be an enjoyable and memorable experience.